Aleksey Igudesman

"Veronika Vitazkova is a rare talent that astonishes you with her skills and diversity, and all the while makes you smile and believe in the world being a better place.
Besides being a brilliant flute player, she is accomplished in so many styles of music on a variety of instruments, yet she does not simply play them; she lives through them.
Every type of music Veronika touches becomes vital and alive, much like her astoundingly positive and infectiously jubilant personality."


Synchron Stage Vienna

„Thank you for your amazing energy during these long sessions with the Synchron Stage Orchestra!“


Pedro Eustache


Pedro's Instagram comment


Christian Heschl

“Working with Veronika is an absolute blast. She combines endless passion, extraordinary talent with a high level of professionalism. Her big collection of flutes from around the globe offer a wide range and she plays all of them with respect and accuracy.”

Peter Luha

“It was a great collaboration with Veronika on Igudesman & Joo's Basar Bizarr project. Her mastery of wind instruments from regions around the world is incredible.”